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Originally Posted by arcleader View Post
Indeed-towards the end of DS9, some of the ships most people thought were galaxy classes were, in fact, Ambassadors. at certain angles the ships look nearly identical, and it was said that at one point the Ambassador numbers were quite substantial.

I've managed to make a "passible" (as in KINDA looks like it) rendition on the Exploration, but as an RPer, sometimes it really just needs an actual ship.

Regarding the CBS part, if the Centaur and Miranda, as well as the Oberth, were introduced so long ago but are still in active service, and the Constitution refit is still in service, I fail to see why the NX-class replica (which states that it is the old design with modern equipment) and the TOS Constitution (which at the very least could be included as an exclusive skin for the Fleet Cruiser) can't be put in.

Speaking of skin packs for ships, does anyone know why the Skin Packs (like the Imperial class) are no longer available on the C-Store, or if they will be returning anytime soon? If they are returning, perhaps the TOS Constitution skin could be put in for Cruisers and Fleet Cruisers who want to try and keep with the continuity.

They won't be returning. They have been introduced as per character unlock with the fleet starbases... so that means 2000 Zen (20 Mil EC) for a +1 ship and the skin. But no more per account unlock skins for those that don't have them.

Edit: you got my interest. Could you please provide source where it is show in DS9 scenes and confirmed that there are Ambassador class ships instead of Galaxy class. As far as i remember, there are very few Ambassador class ships seen in DS9 (S1E1 comes on top of my head)
The most commonly seen ships (aside from the Defiant) were Galaxy,Excelsior and Miranda from what I remember.

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