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Originally Posted by robeasom View Post
I disagree I prefer the DS9 uniform than the ones you showed here and also links in that there is continuity even after TNG went from series into movies
Thats a matter of taste of course.

I never liked those dark uniforms, they look just boring and unimaginative and not Starfleet(ish) at all IMO.
Except for the division collar everbody looks the same. And i never got why they had to be all black, i mean that's not a real good representation of Starfleets philosophys IMO.

Originally Posted by artan42 View Post
The WOK and DS9 captains waistcoats/vests.
Proper Cage era uniforms.
The remaining 4 or so Admirals uniforms.
Kelvin era uniforms.
Althrough we will never see them, because they are in a JJ Abrams movie, i really like the Kelvin Uniforms, they are refreshingly different and look much more like a Starfleet uniform than all those Black Voy/DS9 or TNG Movie uniforms.

Of course it would be cool if we could get them, because technicaly they from the Main timeline but as i said they are from the JJ Movie so i strongly doubt that we will ever see them in STO.

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