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Originally Posted by ryanev View Post
Edit: you got my interest. Could you please provide source where it is show in DS9 scenes and confirmed that there are Ambassador class ships instead of Galaxy class. As far as i remember, there are very few Ambassador class ships seen in DS9 (S1E1 comes on top of my head)
The most commonly seen ships (aside from the Defiant) were Galaxy,Excelsior and Miranda from what I remember.
I know this is not directed at me, but I hope you don't mind I'll answer it.
"Emissary" showed us an Ambassador refitted with more Galaxy-like nacelles, pylons, deflector dish and some other details.
It's very unlikely Starfleet would do that, had the desgin been slated for decommission after the introduction of the Galaxy.

After the DS9 pilot, there have been at least two "most likely Ambassadors" later in the show.
With the exception of the Enterprise-C and the USS Ambassador herself, all Ambassadors had a registry beginning with 26 and the Valdemar (26198) and the Exeter (26531) were mentioned in seasons 2 and 6 respectively.
The Encyclopedia lists both as Ambassador class ships.
The Exeter was lost during the Dominion War.

One of the reasons the Ambassador class was not shown in the battle scenes late in DS9 was the fact that no computer model of it was ever built.
The Norway never appeared in those battles either since its computer model was lost after "First Contact".
So absence of ships from those battles can't readily be used as a resoning they have been put out of service IMO.

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