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09-03-2012, 07:04 AM
ping -t to = averages between 50-80ms depending on time of day.

/netgraph ingame = ping of 150->15000ms -> d/c | extreme ruuberanding (not a doff assingment... yet). While the ping to the patchserver stays loss-free and below 100ms.

Hmm... well I have access to a proxy usable for voice comms. So I go from San Diego to Osaka... patchserver ping is now in the 200-300ms range. /netgraph has the same result. Ok... from Singapore... same result.

Ok, one account from San Diego, an alternate account from Singapore (as near as I can tell, that makes the point of origin to be.. a world apart?) The pings to the patchserver are 50/300ms as expected but the rubberbanding/lag... the same.

The fix? Don't go near ESD/DS9. Forever. If I somehow manage to get out of those areas, it's usually ok. What I don't get is how the pings to the patchserver remain low and stable... is it in the same network locale as the game server?