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09-03-2012, 07:19 AM

My best guesses:

The other player...

-miss-clicked repulsors (i have done it in the past)
-he was hoping to dish out some extra dps on nanites/cube
-thought the Gravy Well was soon to end and wanted to push them away
-perhaps he just didn't know your tactic
-He didn't see your mines (a recent patch made it so mines/small things dont have targeting circles (for the life of me cant remember how to spell retricilces?) unless you target manually.

Or finally, maybe he was just inexperienced and thought he was doing something to help keep the borg away from Kang.

Relax, not everyone is perfect in STFs,

I'll give you a personal example, I was flying my vo'quv in a Cure space elite recently, forgot to modify my carrier commands as I went, (i aggroed the neg/raptor and didn't last long) then after that I completely forgot to take my pets off of recall, meaning my dps suffered.

In short:
We all make mistakes, we all have accidents, remain calm and have fun playing :p