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I would love to get a little more love out there for the starter ships (Oberth, NX, TOS Constitution, and Miranda), and I wish that they'd make fleet versions of them to use. I love the NX-class, and despite its size, because of its larger crew compared to the Tactical Escort, I think it would make a decent fleet ship. Almost all of the normal ships (and most of their refits and retrofits) have been given fleet variants, and i would love to see these ones join the fleets.

in addition, I would like to personally point out that the Ambassador-class should be introduced. I'm not sure what class it could be (cruiser comes to mind), or how it would be scaled, but it's been said that the refit Ambassadors in the Dominion War "came close to rivaling their Galaxy Class cousins in ability" after being upgraded, and come on-the Excelsior, Miranda and Constitution are still in service, and those are over a century old. I see little reason why the Ambassador would be retired, since it's been said to be even stronger than those ones. I don't care if its an Exploration skin or what-I'd just love to see it put in.
For "low tier ships", the Devs could temporarily create specific missions that range from green (easy), to orenge/yellow (moderate), sort of like the Tholian Ground missions. If The Devs created space missions in this manner, a player could use say, a TMP Connie once and awhile and while not a T5 ship, it could still be useful for particular missions etc. Alternatively, the Devs could create a reward type system. Say a player completes a very difficult mission but does it in say..a Miranda, perhaps the mission rewards shoot way up in quality.

These are "little tweaks" that can be arranged without blowing up the tier of ships, yet making lower tiered ones still fun to play every now n' then.