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Well, canon wise all torpedoes are self guiding projectiles. So all torpedoes should be able to be fired at any target in range, no matter the facing. Just the travel time will vary.
Although having a self guiding weapon capable of engaging a target behind the launch platform is quite dangerous. Real life torpedoes have safety interlocks that disarm them if they turn 180 degrees, the USS Tullibee SS-284 and USS Tang SS-306 were sunk in WWII because their MK 14 torpedoes lacked such a feature.

I would say that most ships in Star Trek have an aft torpedo launcher for a reason.

If a 360 degree projectile weapon was added I think it should not be self guiding, but rather be command guided using the sensors of the launching platform (basically it engages whatever target is selected, as long as it is selected.)
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