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09-03-2012, 08:42 AM
Wait you're talking about Infected Elite, right.

However the main problem with running STFs ground or Space in GUPs, is people tend to run their own tactics which doesn't always work with what others are doing. Mainly due to lack of communication, this can be because others don't read chat or just don't care what others are doing or saying.

Yes like elandarksky said, they could have made a mistake. I have seen all sorts of things happen, like how some one repulsed the spheres onto the gate on Infected or blew a cube too early on Cure or popped 2 nano probes on every transformer in khitomer accord, because they said it is the best tactic. To have all 4 cubes out at the same once.

Some people don't have a clue, don't care or just do it to be an A***ole. GUPing is rolling the dice, do I get a good team, a bad team or just a bunch of A***oles.

On an example of what people are like.
In a CS our team consisted of 4 fleet members and a GUP. We explained the tactics we would like to run, multiple times in chat and the GUP never responded once in chat, so we went ahead and ran what we explained. However Mr,gup ran his own thing and soon everything went pear shaped. He then decided to started calling us all idiots on chat and how we are failures, because we use TS3 and we needed to be using Skype.