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09-03-2012, 10:41 AM
Hud settings

First select the settings you generally have and type "/ui_save_file off"
Then choose the settings you want to switch to with a keystroke (mine names on, for example), press apply and type "/ui_save_file on"
Then add to your bind file the following:

add "ui_load_file on"
substract "ui_load_file off"

Now pressing + will show the mine names
Pressing - will hide them again.


If you want to toggle it from one button (ctrl for example), make 2 txt files called "toggle1" and "toggle2".

toggle1 should have this:
control "bind_load_file toggle2 $$ ui_load_file on"

toggle2 should have this:
control "bind_load_file toggle1 $$ ui_load_file off"

Happy toggling-mine-names-on-and-off.

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