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Originally Posted by brickyard View Post
  1. D'korah trader ship near Una system (SIR block) often seems to being stucked into the common cargo freighter
  2. When chosen for option 'hide visual on wearing weapons' on Character, weapons are either showed or invisible
  3. Notification option "Squadron Loot" is not getting active again when unchecked in Fly-by column

Visual clarification:
1) D'korah ship is like flashing up and down or switching like left to right onto the Cargo freighter
2) If one have chosen to hide the weapon(s) on the personal character (ground), and later on try to unhide, the weapon(s) still invisible.
3)As explained above

I have my doubts about the size of the character's weapons, especially the back-bound weapons. They are often huge, seems uncomfortable to wear when running around. Not realistic, that is.
Is #1 a permanent thing? I know sometimes NPCs will get stuck together just because of the timing of their spawns, but it's not a consistent thing, and just a rare sort of occurrence.

For #2, I tested this in game just now, and hiding, then unhiding my weapons make them visible again.

I've added #3.

Originally Posted by frtoaster View Post
Basic body variants are not working in the tailor. I don't know if this was broken before or after the recent tailor fixes, but it's not working now. I've reported the bug in game and in the thread below.

Originally Posted by penguin44ca1 View Post
Fleet event still setting time 3hrs ahead.
Also new one today, set an event for Tuesday Sept 11th and the calendar shows that day to be a Monday. It is not. I though I had just clicked the wrong date but it shows on the scroll list of days that Monday is the 11th,not Tues. Hard to set an event when the incorrect day is there.
I tested this, and it seems to be working for me, although it may not work like you expect. What happens is when you set the time of the event, the time is based on PST (which is the time zone Cryptic works in), and then the time you see is adjusted based on your account's timezone settings. For example, I just created a test event and set it for '1 pm' (PST). Since I'm an hour ahead, the event shows up as 2 pm to me. For someone 2 hours ahead, they'd see it as a 3 pm event, and so on.

Originally Posted by clearbeard View Post
The white blobs issue appears to be improved, but not fixed, as of the latest patch. The one spot I've noticed it since is in the Mirror event, where the blobs used to cover about 1/4 of the sky, blindingly, and now are just large and unsightly.
Known. See
I've reverted the status on my list.

Also, another bug that was fixed prior to S6 launch:
While the chef/bartender foods are back in the replicator, Ketrecel White still requires Dathan to be slotted on active ground duty. The prior fix made it replicateable as long as you had him anywhere on your roster.[/quote]

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