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Originally Posted by p2wsucks View Post
1st there are many consoles which don't provide a flat bonus, most don't actually:

The shield % HP bonus boosts ships w/+shield modifiers using high buffer shields the most. You're wrong to think otherwise.

The diminishing returns of Armor resist consoles are another.

The general diminishing returns of Sci consoles over 99 points.

In fact only damage Tac consoles provide a non diminishing return, with the exception of the Tetryon weapon proc when used w/flow caps.

A cruiser w/20 Base turnrate is absolutely game breaking, are you serious? What do you think it'll be w/APA or APO or Evasives or Aux2Damp or even just an Engine Battery?

W/a 10 base turnrate Cruiser I can get ~24 turnrate w/2x RCS currently. Adding in movement buffs it's high 30s. You seriously are wrong on nearly every assumption you're making.

I even stated how and Odsy., you know one of those flagships you're whining about, can have a very respectable turnrate. Use the Saucer Seperation console ...

Tell you what, if you don't believe a cruiser w/a solid turnrate and 4 turret/4DHCs layout is powerful I can demonstrate it for you. Since, they already exist in game and I have one.
Yes a sci ship gets more shield than an escort from the console, by about 40% more, not 500% more there is a slight, difference there. I'm sorry if you don't understand that. The change I propose (a flat 1-2 turn rate plus 18% on a blue mk xi) would close the gap a bit so that the escort still gained nearly double the turn rate than any other ship would from that console.

And I'm not saying they wouldn't be powerful, I'm saying they wouldn't be UNBALANCED two completely different things.

Why on earth is everyone so afraid of any change that would HELP EVERYONE?