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Originally Posted by lostmoony View Post
tank is what?

the only ship what can take endless dmg is the tholian carrier any other ship is crap in compare to it.

and exactly you cry in 1 shot threat that you are always dead from invis thinks what kill you anywhere MR tank.
A "tank" is a ship (or character) that can take massive amounts of damage from a target while the rest of the team takes it down. They're the one that should be holding aggro. Pretty basic MMO terminology.

Carriers aren't the only ships that can tank either. With the right buffs, heals, consoles, etc. almost any ship can do it. Even the easy-to-shatter escorts.

Now, more horror stories and less "my ship is better than yours" chatting.

Speaking of which... I ran Infected Space this morning. I don't remember if it was elite or normal though... probably normal. Figured it'd be a good game because I saw a couple of veteran passives on the other players.

LOLNOPE. The cube and first spheres went down okay, but then three or four people all started shooting at the same generator. They were taking a while, so I dropped mine to 10% and went for a second. One of them immediately popped the generator I'd just left. >.<

Took forever to get the transformers down on each side, then one of them goes and aggros the tac cube instead of targeting the gate. I never shot at the thing, but it promptly switched to shooting at me anyway. Maybe it didn't like me shooting at the gate.
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