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# 923 Fleet Mission woes.
09-03-2012, 02:28 PM
I've not been doing any STF's lately, just Fleet missions soooo......

There I was....

I come in, type 'Hi" as usual.

No responce.

Fleet mission players are usually pretty good about responding and saying Hi back.

The mission starts, I hit escape to kill the intro and what do I see???

Nobody Shooting!!!!

After about a minute I say, 'Anybody going to help?'

Someone says, 'We're just here for the stuff.'

I'm thinking, what stuff? The stuff we get out of these is junk and these are mostly for Fleet Credits!

I just stop shooting.

Some guy starts calling us all noobes and he comes in with Rainbow/Tecnicolor beams. Then someone else starts shooting with Skittles. I'm just thinking OH GOODY!

They aren't doing any damage.

I type, 'Please take your weapons off stun!'

Nobody does.

Someone says FU.

By now everyone is shooting. Everyone but me is firing Rainbow/Technicolor beams or Skittles cannons.

We made it through the second wave and lost the mission.

Yes, Skittles and Rainbow/Technicolor beams will do the same damage OVER TIME as any well built escort with cannons. But we don't have hours to complete these missions.