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09-03-2012, 02:55 PM
Originally Posted by spacepenguin121 View Post
So how exactly is nerfing escorts/bops to buff cruisers via the proposed changes to RCS consoles helping "everyone"?
So your escort/bop that is packing an RCS console with a turn rate of 32 is going to be soooo absolutely useless if that turn rate gets lowered to 31? That nerf bat sure is a scary one.

Or are you afraid that players in Gal-Xs that don't have top end skills and system mastery are going to slaughter you in pvp even though one of the best Gal-X pvp pilots doesn't use them? And likely still wouldn't with this change.

The funny part to me is that turn rate doesn't even bother me, ineria rating annoys me when I lag and rubber band really bad, but turn rate isn't even a factor to me in this game. I just hate silly mechanics when I see them.