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Originally Posted by glenntle View Post
Thanks to you both ; I found the answer to be YES ,
[Console - Universal - Torpedo Point Defense System] (TPDS) is modified by Torpedo affecting consoles. However since, beams fire 6x & 3x more often than torps, it was better to use a beam boosting console. (Beams fire every 1sec & Dual Beams 2sec vs. 6sec for photon torps) ....................Thus even if you have 2 torp; the second won't fire for 3 seconds, so more than two torps is a waste because the 1st one will be ready after the second one; 6 seconds.
There is a bit of a debate but it is 2 seconds worse case. Some say 1.5 and some say 1 second but I am 100% sure it's no slower then 2 seconds.

As for torps reloading at 6 seconds you can speed up torpedo fire rate with projectile doffs and the same console that boost photon torps boost photon mines. 2 photon torps with the torp reload speed up doffs with a photon mine running Torpedo Spread III and Mine disposal beta can be pretty deadly.