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Originally Posted by lostmoony View Post
the only ship what can take endless dmg is the tholian carrier any other ship is crap in compare to it.

"Taking damage" does NOT make you a tank.
"Taking damage" and "Holding aggro" makes you a tank.

A Tholian Carrier can be built to survive more damage than most other ships in the game... but if you build it that way, then the damage it puts out will be too low to reliably hold the attention of enemies. So that setup becomes pretty much pointless.

There is no reason to become more survivable than you need to be at the expense of damage output - and there are other ships that are much better at finding the optimum balance between Damage output and Survivability than the Tholian Carrier.

And to relate it slightly to the thread, I saw someone in a Freebee Odyssey try to "Tank" Donatra earlier this evening. They stayed alive, and made a pretty lightshow, but they never once had aggro the entire fight.

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