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Originally Posted by lostmoony View Post
tank is what?

the only ship what can take endless dmg is the tholian carrier any other ship is crap in compare to it.

and exactly you cry in 1 shot threat that you are always dead from invis thinks what kill you anywhere MR tank.
stats = not that important.
console slots = quite important.
bo layout = the most important.
the tholian ship has a science oriented layout- it has the most sci slots of any ship in the game (bops discluded). assuming when we say endless damage, we do not count any of the cheap one shot weapons, any ship can do that. a tank has a secondary roll thats either A)cc, b)healing or, in the case of the exel and sovi, C) decent damge. the tholian carrier is a class 'A' ship, in that its bo layout makes it optimal for cc and tanking. my 'nx' oddy has a layout which i use for the 'dragon tank' setup (search it- theres a thread about it somewhere) and i can keep all my 8 beams firing at 80+ wep power, so my ship is class 'C', tanking and decent damage. i have nothing against the tholian carrier, but it is not the best ship in the game. there is no best ship in the game. a ship's awesomeness is directly porportional to the skill of the dude in the pilot seat.
/end rant
thanks for reading!
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