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Originally Posted by tenkari View Post
Mk XI sets work well enough, and they are much easier to get and use until uyou get a MK XII set. Also the defara colony invasion thing can also give you the materials to create a fractal modulator, its a little bit faster than the default one.

P.S. thats one of the upsides to working for the Omega/maco/HG sets instand modulation. also, its got a long cooldown so you would still likely need a regular modulator.

give out insta remods for free. people would not even bother with the STF sets.
they just need to be speed up a few seconds. The Defera Envasion mission quit ever since they brought the fleet mission for Starbase and such. The default modulator need to be more reasonable speed since they are stingy in giving STF gear period. The new fleet gear is better than the STF gear anyway, so no need for them to be so stingy wih STF.