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# 1 REAL power of STO ships!!!
09-03-2012, 03:24 PM

i will open a new threat after i noticed the endless discussion about what ship is best what is best dps,.......

why not make a real performance test for any ship+players.

for example KASE is nice for a performance test on this.

lets say 2 players cry about is a cruiser the better dps ship or escort why let do them endless trashtalk who is better make the real test.

it works so the 2 players go into KASE with there ships+setup + 3 others.

then anyome from the 2 crying kids have to clear solo 1 side in KASE who is faster have the better dps ship , the other 3 players in the mission only stop probes.

about this run can make anyone a video and post it here. to show for other players the performance of this shiptype.

on that way can players challenge others if they see the movie and think they have better setup, this will be interresting for players with expirience or neewbie players.

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