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Originally Posted by startrek1234567 View Post
ok so i take a survey and spend lots of time on them and i get 0 zen as a reward because some how i "do not qualify".

how do i not qualify its an survey on your opinion...

they should give you free zen anyway just for your time...

so those free zen for filling out this survey stuff is BS

not doing one of those surveys again unless they make the surveys give you free zen for taking your time to fill them out.
You would be surprised how many offer you will qualify for if you "are" a single female with 2-3 children, low income, and use the most expensive item on their list.

Originally Posted by syberghost View Post
Transwarped to the "C-Store and Promotions" Feedback forum, since it's feedback on that system. This way the devs who deal with that system are more likely to see your concerns and suggestions.
Well actually, what they have said in the past is that that is a third party issue and they can do nothing about it.
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