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tank is what?
the only ship what can take endless dmg is the tholian carrier any other ship is crap in compare to it.
"Taking damage" does NOT make you a tank.
"Taking damage" and "Holding aggro" makes you a tank.

A Tholian Carrier can be built to survive more damage than most other ships in the game... but if you build it that way, then the damage it puts out will be too low to reliably hold the attention of enemies. So that setup becomes pretty much pointless.
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Way to entirely miss my point.

Let me make it a bit clearer for you:

Dealing Damage != Tanking
Taking Damage != Tanking
Holding Aggro != Tanking

Taking Damage AND Holding Aggro == Tanking.

You are NOT going to be able to use your Tholian Carrier's Universal Commander slot for Heals/Buffs and still hold aggro over a decently equipped + pilotted Escort, especially on a Skittle build. Your Damage output is going to be split between you and your fighters, and you won't have the Tactical BOFF slots to match the Escort's DPS. It's just plain not happening. If you switch the Universal Commander slot to a Tac BOFF, then your DPS will rise, but you'll be less survivable. You can't have it both ways.

If you chose to slot the Tac BOFF then I'm sure you'll perform better in PVE. I'm not debating that, because PVE does not require lots of survivability. But even if the Tholian Carrier was capable of putting out the highest-damage in the game, it should be self-evident that bragging about your ship's capacity for large amounts of damage is futile whilst you are simultaneously limiting its damage potential by running multiple energytypes.

That said, have fun in your new thread.
I'm sure you'll find plenty of people to take you up on your challenge there

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