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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
a torpedo impact that hits shields immediately loses 3/4 of its damage, and any bleed from it is calculated from that 1/4 thats left (thats why torpedoes are useless in a game were you can distribute shields). if an npc torpedo hit your shield facing and annihilated it, and then dealt significant damage to your hull, it did that with only 1/4 of its power.
Quoting just to highlight something that might be relevant to the OP:

This was certainly the way torpedo hits used to work (I tested it personally), and the way I assumed they were still working until a few days ago. But it looks like they stealthfixed it recently so that after the damage amount is deducted from the shields, if the shields drop... the leftover damage is now multiplied back up to 100% again (instead of remaining at 25% due to the 3/4 damage loss from shields) before it gets deducted from your hull.

The upshot is that now if a torpedo is powerful enough to drop your shield, you'll take four times as much hull damage as you did before.

I suspect this could be the source of a few of the NPC Heavy Torpedo annoyances...

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