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Now that this thread has become a "how to break the doff system and get instant rewards", enjoy a pointless game, I gave you a way to remove any challenge from the starbase system, and you might even be able to get the holy grail, the zero interaction with other players 'one man starbase'.
I am 38k/37k/39k starbase xp so pretty much on-line to hit T3 by the end of Sept

this will be a T3 one man built starbase

It is a work of pure insanity - luckily for me insanity has an end and that is T3 - so I won't be geeting my purples through the base - but since I have over 600 purples for 6 Fed toons I am not in big need of a lot more - no more than another 600! (I have about 1200 blues but I am in no hurry to grind them into purples)

and Garak in case you have not seen it watch it a few times its great:

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