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Just wondering if is possible to make no make some good special projects:

1 - A Fleet Trophy Hall, to give a place to show the best fleet members perks, like best PvPer, best stf engineer, the best space fighter, etc.

2 - A Fleet hangar, with fighters, shuttles and some cargo, to unlock some special npc to give special duty missions with trade, raids and transport.

3 - A floor with the quarters for members of the fleet. Don't need to be something unique, just a floor with random doors to open with the right member, related with the rank of the member. The lower rank get a small room, a middle rank get a better room, a high member get a great room, like a captain or something better.

4 - Make the Brig of the KDF starbase usable. Just to throw (just for fun) a member or guest for a whole minute or he can go out anytime for own choice.

5 - Make each starbase struture visitable, like the communicator array, the shipyard, etc. This can be cool for roleplay use and to get any starbase watcher mission.
PW/Crypt can't make more KDF Content?