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# 1 KDF Tac on Galor Class
09-03-2012, 07:42 PM
I keep blowing up on Cure Elite Space for some reason and the teams I've been on are pissed. Easy to play on Infected Space Elite but not Cure Elite. It's driving me nuts!

Galor Build is as follows:

Lt Cmd Tac:
TT1, HYT2, BO3

Lt Eng:
ET1, EPtS2

Cmd Eng:
EPtS1, ET2, Aux2SIF1, Aceton 3

Lt Sci:
PH1, HE2

Ens Sci:

I'm using the MK XII Honor Guard Shield, MK X Honor Guard Engines, Borg Deflector (Using the Borg Universal Console gives the auto-regen ability).

Ship Equipment:

Tac Consoles
MK XI Blue Disruptor Consoles x3

Sci Consoles
MK XI Blue Emitter Array, MK XI Blue Field Generator, MK XI Shield Emitter Amplifier

Eng Console
Borg Console, MK XI Blue RCS Accelerator, MK XI Blue Neutronium Alloy, Disruptor Point Defense Console

Any thoughts?