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# 1 Ceremonial Faux Pas?
09-03-2012, 10:15 PM
I bought the Ceremonial Bridge interior but it is not showing up.
I have an Advanced Escort "medium layout"
I've logged off and back on, I've exited completely and gotten on 10 minutes later. Nothing shows.

Do i need a bigger layout? a smaller one? something else?

Edit: it's not just the "Ceremonial" bridge. I have tried "Vivid" and "Defiant" as well as the "Diplomat" none of which work. I'd check each and every bridge but I am quickly running out of money.

The only bridge that is working is the Standard, which I am not partial to at all as my crew seem to float in their seats and one of my crew is halfway into the wall/console and about a foot off the floor.

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