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So I moved my Tactical Officer to a Cruiser, which is not allowed to use any of the more powerful weapons I had on the Escort. However, I got past the first D'Deridex, dealt with the crater and then get killed by the IKS Whatever (the named ship - which is also a D'Deridex). The lowest I got that ship was 75%.

This is frustrating

Even worse, my other main character - an Engineer - is unable to get through the warp tunnel to do the slingshot into the past. So both characters are now stuck.
i actually got the warbird down to 25% hull, with shields almost down, my hull was at about 60% with full shields, after applying the science team, and emergency power to shields, the second it hit 25% my ship was destroyed and i had to start over. a couple of times i got the warbird down to about 60% and it warped away and then reappeared with all systems and stats at full strength (it fired two torpedos and destroyed me with 90% hull and full shields after using engeinerring team). this warbird is unbeatable, my suggestion, don't do this mission, because there are no walkthroughs, because no one i've talked to has been able to get past the warbird, or bring about 3 fleets to be destroyed along with you, because death is an experiance best shared with friends