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The Gates of Sto-Vo-Kor Screenshot Event

The Gates of Sto'Vo'Kor is sponsoring a new screenshot event featuring the Lethean. All submissions must be a screenshot that features the Lethean in good or great quality. The winner of the contest will win a Holo-Leeta Duty Officer.

Sskald: Attention, Warriors of the Empire! I am Sskald.
Karn: And I am called Karn, we are both Warriors of Sto'Vo'Kor.
Sskald: Couldn't we get Ghargh to do this instead of us?
Karn: He was unavailable at this time. And don't even ask about the Most Dangerous Klingon in the Galaxy, he isn't available either.
Sskald: You know how much I hate it when you read my thoughts like that?
Karn: Anyway, we at the Gates of Sto'Vo'Kor are requesting all Warriors to participate in our newest contest.
Sskald: We are looking for the best holopictures of the Empire. All submissions-
Karn: Must feature members of my people, the Letheans.
Sskald: Stop doing that!
Karn: Stop doing what?
Sskald: Finishing my sentences. It's annoying!
Karn: Whether you say it or I pluck it out your head, and then say it, either way the message gets out.
Sskald: Grrrrrrrr, just continue with the announcement!
Karn: Alright, the winner is the one who best features the Letheans. Said winner will win a holographic Leeta duty officer similar to the one seen at the Dabo tables of DS9, Drozana, and onboard the Ferengi Marauder vessel.
Sskald: And the contest will run until September 30th ---
Karn: at midnight PTD. So get your holopics in for a chance to win.
Sskald: I told you to stop doing that!
Karn: And you haven't given a reason to stop. So why should I listen?
Sskald: Oh you?ll see
Karn: (somewhat disgusted) Ugh! That is something I didn't want to see Sskald! I don't want explicit details of the Gorn Egg Laying Ceremony!
Skald: (Devious chuckle) There is more where that came from, how about this?
Karn: (Groan)
Also known as Gingie(In game) Sskald(Gates of Sto-vo-kor)

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