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STAY AWAY FROM THIS MISSION!!!!! DO NOT ACCEPT IT, YOU WILL BE DESTROYED. THE WARBIRD YOU FACE AT THE BEGINNING IS UNBEATABLE, IT WILL DESTROY YOU IN UNDER A MINUTE, IT IS WAY TOO OVERPOWERD. I went up against it in a galaxy class, and it will take all your weapons and powers offline, drain your shields fire 13 heavy plasma torpedos ( i counted them) that will go straight through your shields, and destroy you all at once, it always has weapon buffs enabled that never expire or countdown, and all weapons will disable your shields, and destroy you in one or two shots, you stand no chance, and if you manage to get the ship to 25% hull rating, your ship will automatically explode and you will have to restart the mission, regardless of the condition your ship is in. Ocassionally at 60% the ship will warp out of the system, and reappear with all stats at full strength. If you cease fire on it for more than 3 seconds the ship will repair itself to full strength in that time (i counted the seconds) this is supposed to be a soloable mission, it is not a group or fleet action, but please believe me when i say... DO NOT DO THIS MISSION UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES UNTIL THE DEV'S TONE DOWN THE WARBIRD, AND MAKE IT MANAGABLE FOR THE RANKING LISTED. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A CAPTAIN (30), BUT I'M DOING IT AT A SLIGHTLY HIGER LEVEL. YOU WILL BE DEFEATED AND DESTROYED BEFORE YOU CAN FINSIH FIRING YOUR FIRST SHOTS!!!!!
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