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I like Team Combat Modules, and their single-person counterparts. I rarely hear of anyone actually using them, but I've always felt like they are VERY useful, but very hard to find.

My two favorites are the Damage Resistance Booster, and the Health & Shields Booster.

The problem, for me, isn't so much what they do, but how hard they are to find. Currently, the best way is to buy them from the exchange, or the Lobi store, neither of which I mind, but it's still a limited means of getting them.

Here's my ideas:

New C-store item: Personal or Team Combat Module Pack, 100 Zen, 150 Zen. The Personal one is cheaper since it only affects yourself. Each pack has a guaranteed 20 stack of all four modules, no lotto, no BS chances, just buy your item box, and that's what you get. They are consumables, so it's not like one-time purchases, people would need them.

Lobi store: Give us more of each per lobi crystal. 1:1, or 2:1 is awfully pricy for consumable items. If we got more of these per lobi, it would make it much nicer, and people might be a little more willing to spend lobi on them. I mean, as is, it takes a minimum of 5 Tholian boxes opened for a full 20 stack of personal modules, double that for team ones, and only presuming you didn't get lucky and get a lot of lobi all at once.

Borg EDC: I mean, STFs are about promoting teamwork, at least a little bit, so why not have consumables purchasable with EDC? Those who don't want therm, don't have to buy them, and those that want them to help their TEAM, can buy them. Again, has to be worth actually buying, I'm not gonna drop 20 EDCs though just for one stack of consumable items. Make these bound to character, I won't trade them, others will, and that's fine, but I want them to use them.

All of the above, can also be pretty much exactly applied to the dual system batteries for yourself and all teammates as well.

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