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Or alternatively you could just post your build here (including the BOFF layout, DOFF layout and equipment setup) and people would help you make it better.

To continue from the last thread:

Originally Posted by lostmoony View Post
you can not read what i write all the time.
Let me recap some of what you wrote, then...

"rainbow or not rainbow is no point"
"the only ship what can take endless dmg is the tholian carrier any other ship is crap in compare to it."
"that makes it to the only real tank ingame."
"so, he is the ONLY real tank in the game!!!!!"
"a karfi can die a tholian carrier not"
"any ship can buff or whatever but it not helps on any way"
"i outdps you on any way with a RAINBOW carrier"

Now, I'm (still) prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you might not be trolling. It appears from your earlier posts that English might not be your first language, and that you might not be familiar with standard MMO terminology (as evidenced from your questions "tank is what?" and "dd?").

But there is a failure in basic logic here.

You simply cannot have a ship be best at two things simultaneously. If you set your ship up for maximum damage, you'll lose in other areas like survivability. If you set your ship up for maximum survivability, you'll lose out in other areas like damage. Thus you potentially might be "the best you can be" at survivability or "the best you can be" at damage, but not both at once.

The Tholian Carrier is a good example of this, because of its Commander Level BOFF slot. If you use that slot for a Tac BOFF, other setups will beat you in Survivability. If you use that slot for an Engineer, other setups will beat you in Damage.

I'm not debating that a properly-setup Carrier can put out good levels of Damage. However a Carrier will NEVER be the best choice for holding aggro, because its damage output (and thus the aggro it can potentially pull and hold onto) is split between the main ship and its fighters. All things being equal, you'll have a less solid lock on aggro than a ship that does all its damage by itself.

It should be blatantly obvious despite the previously displayed grasp of damage mechanics that there are a lot of things holding you back on that particular setup from having your 'main ship' inflict high levels of damage: no permanent 125 weapons power, fewer weapon hardpoints than other ships, no sensor analysis, one of the slowest turnrates in the game, limited Tactical Console slots... etc. and probably most tellingly, that you have chosen a "Rainbow weapon" setup - which by your own admission, limits you to doing less raw damage - which will lead to slower kills and a less solid lock on aggro than your ship would otherwise be capable of.

+ Is your setup better than most PUG STF setups? - Possibly.
+ Is your setup the best it can be; even at your "KASE test"? - No, not with Rainbow beams.
(and I'd be pleasantly surprised if your build was optimised for it, eg. Aux2Bat1 and APB3)

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