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# 1 ATTN: BSGO Refugees
09-04-2012, 06:56 AM
...and I know there are a number of you out there!

Whether you are new to STO or a multiple lvl-50 veteran looking for a Fleet, there is a home for you in the OMEGA FAMILY FLEET / HOUSE OF OMEGA ( Omega Family Fleet Website )

We are a mixed bag of veteran STO players and BSGO.Scorpia players, working together in a casual environment, and have fleets on both Fed and KDF. We're a fun bunch eager to help each other out in terms of game knowledge, equipment, and level boot-strapping. Whether your focus is PVE, PVP, STF's, Episodes/dailies, or simply walking around our Fleet's Starbase kicking tribbles around, we're a good fit for you. We have our own TS and clan/forum site.

New squads are currently forming comprised of former BSGO players that are looking for like-minded players that miss clubbing baby seals and small-craft tactics.

Visit us or send a PM if you are looking for a new home! (So say we all!)
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