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Indeed. Even a Mk X set of Omega/MACO/HG only costs 60EDC in total. I started off getting a full set of that by grinding the STFs, and relying on getting EDC along with the usual tat you get in the loot bag at the end.

It has taken me just over 7 weeks to grind out the EDC to get a nearly full set of Mk XI Omega (playing several STFs per night), and thankfully I got a Rare Borg PSG Tech, so I was able to complete the set and use the spare EDC to put towards getting some Mk XI weapons for my ship. But, even a full Mk XI set is only 120EDC. If you can do the Space Elites comfortably, farm them to get the EDC, and mix it up with the Normal Ground missions. Get a Mk X set and you can do Normal Grounds more comfortably and get into Elites. Get a Mk XI set and you can start to farm for the Prototype Tech you need for the Mk XII on both Normal and Elite.

And remember, if you end up with Mk X, don't throw away the Mk X, give it to a BOff, who will be able to make full use of it.


Edit: As to the OP's question (which I half missed), the free remodulator is fine. A 4 second remodulation seems like forever, but provided you time it right (between enemies) it does okay. Remember to equip a backup weapon of a different energy type to switch to if you're in the middle of a firefight and don't necessarily have the time to remodulate (I go from Fleet Phaser sniper - don't have the Mk XI MACO rifle yet - to Omega Antiproton Carbine nowadays, but I used to go from Antiproton sniper rifle to Tetryon Pulsewave).

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