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09-04-2012, 08:39 AM
I have some mixed feeling on the penalties.

Normal STFs are easy enough to not have to worry.

Elite STFs are a problem, PUGs are garbage here.
They should either
-Have the queues unlockable through achievement accolades, but for the most part even the worst players will still bullhead through it and unlock them.
-Remove the public queues all together
-Add in a conditions to remove the penalty under lost causes, but a good set of conditions is easier said then coded
-Do nothing, there are a lot of ways to do elite STFs without PUGs.

I know from reading fleet chat that fleet members PUG a stupid amount, and they complain about how awful the other players are. Then, when playing with them they are the awful ones, doing everything they possibly can wrong with terrible builds. Just because people complain, doesn't mean they are any good, chances are if they keep going back to PUGs they are horrible themselves.

Fleet Actions
-Fix the queue for colony invasion, there is no countdown, if you see the countdown you are already in the mission and if you cancel you are leaving the mission. I've had this one start with 3 people, one of them a fleet mark leecher.

-Fix Starbase Incursion, if you kill the first group of round 3 enemies before the timer starts you can't complete the mission, you are all forced to leave.

-Fleet mark leechers are ruining the fleet actions, they can just sit there and suck up marks all day long for inaction. People idle in fleet actions for more than say 4 mins need to be kicked and have their marks removed and penalty enabled. If your real life is more important than wasting four other people's time then you shouldn't be playing, find a more suitable time.

-There needs to be a way to escape doomed fleet actions, it isn't like STFs, the fleet action channels are DEAD, pugging or fleets are the only way, and there isn't always enough fleet people on.

I've been thrown into a fleet alert where the next highest level was 17.... the other three below 10. It was doomed, the fact that I got to the last round and took out the lead ship while they exploded is something else, but my ship alone did 91% of the damage, I threw on the combat log for fun.
If we are sitting at the starting room in incursion and I see 2 miniguns, let me get the hell out of there, its going to be a disaster. If an idiot is dancing and not responding to chat then they are going to run around shooting turrets the whole time, these aren't guesses, its going to happen. Not once has the guy with the minigun been as good as even a bridge officer.
The resources it would take to measure someone's performance and decide if you can leave is mind boggling, but there has to be a way. The 5 minutes or 3 deaths rule is pretty decent on most missions, space and ground, only on colony invasion are the one hit kills common, but the 3s death timer is evidence for that.