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# 1 XBox 360 and keybinds
09-04-2012, 08:37 AM
A couple of things...

I have been trying to setup up key binds for a USB Xbox 360 controller.

I have used the instructions in the Xbox sticky, the key binds for dummies in the Academy forum, and the key bind instructions from STOWiki.

I have gotten partial success.

Ground binds aren't bad, except moving backwards is sporadic. I read that it was a problem, and I've gotten it to work, as long as I'm not going backwards at full speed.

Any news if there is a fix for this?

Also, I bound the Lstick_left and _right to turn left and right, but I seem to also move left and right. I have tried unbinding all before loading the bind file and then load my bind file, but it persists. anyone have any thoughts?

In space, I got it initially setup fine, but then I started getting a message in the chat window that the invertibleup command was not valid. I used the mappings from with the Options window for space binding to see the actual command.

So I played with it for a little bit, and then found that the ship does not pitch up. when I checked the binds, and says that pitch up was bound still to the W key.

So I want to know, to all those out there using Xbox controllers, how much luck have you had?

Also would like to know who uses what, do you use a bind file, xPadder, or something else to get your controllers to work?

If anyone did getting this working with a bind file, would you mind posting?
The links in the OP for the 360 controller thread seem to have been removed after the merging of the forums.
My wrists and fingers would be greatly appreciative