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Originally Posted by maelwy5 View Post
+ Is your setup better than most PUG STF setups? - Possibly.
+ Is your setup the best it can be; even at your "KASE test"? - No, not with Rainbow beams.
(and I'd be pleasantly surprised if your build was optimised for it, eg. Aux2Bat1 and APB3)
i dont say better setup or whatever there are gamebasics what alot of players dont understandor or will accept.

Originally Posted by maelwy5 View Post
You simply cannot have a ship be best at two things simultaneously. If you set your ship up for maximum damage, you'll lose in other areas like survivability.

The Tholian Carrier is a good example of this, because of its Commander Level BOFF slot. If you use that slot for a Tac BOFF, other setups will beat you in Survivability.
fail tac is the only think what you have to put in the tholian that logical dmg is all what you need or have to do in all missions,
and i have stock basic setup on all ships THE SAME says 2xhull heal+2xshild heal more NOBODY need.

the idea of this thread is to stop the endless same discussions beams or cannons better cruiser or escort better, all weapons same color or rainbow, scie char or tactik, who is best tank or what makes the differenz to be able to take alot/endless dmg,why i diing always on a tac cube and others dont get dmg, WHY FOR SOME players invis magic torp exist what deal 2mio dmg and other players never seen it ...... and 1000 other of this points+question .

make video testruns ship vs ship to show real performance from anyone.
on that way new + older players can learn+ see if they are totally wrong with there mind.

a video never lies.

why i decide to make basic testruns in KASE.

its easy your job is in any fleet or STF mission to destroy a amount of enemys+structures in a certain time.
i try it out for myself with 6 differenz ships and noticed that i can clearn a side solo in 6-10min so optional still done easy.
so why i can do that with any ship easy"excludet scie vessels", and 99% of all player not able to do it?

that we can find out in this challenge, who is interested simply post here we can make for that a channel ingame to handle easyer the runs.

question on this way what video software is best to record mission?

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