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09-04-2012, 11:15 AM
Originally Posted by danqueller View Post
Take what you like and use it, and discard the rest if it doesn't help you in telling the story you want to, the way you want to.

Very good read, by the way!
Ha, no worries there, this is the kind of thing i was asking for. I know i can be creative but it's the technical aspect of writing i have the issues with. Although in all fairness i do use italics, but it just refuses to copy over to the forum and i'm too lazy to go through and redo it. As for some of the other stuff i found that you're right, but at the same time i didn't want to go over a single post. Just not my thing. So with out knowing the actual post limit i try to keep it short, often sacrificing spacing and content like the characters getting their own paragraphs and wall of text. Although one thing i wasn't able to convey was that the Captain was on some kind of medication at the time and i didn't really think to convey that clearly at the time, but it would have explained the rambling sense of it. But again, as i said, you were right about a lot of stuff, yet at the same time you didn't come across negative about it which i really appreciate so thank you again.