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09-04-2012, 12:17 PM
Originally Posted by johnny111971 View Post
Seriously though, this suggestion makes a ton of sense to me... as it plays into my belief that ships/careers have specific roles in missions... and by playing those roles, you help the team overall. The ability for a tank to "yank" agro to them, should they choose... makes perfect sense.
Yeah, and while I understand the "take all comers" style of a PUG queue system and that you can't be too specific in enforcing roles, the ship roles are already there and something like this would certainly help.

Originally Posted by johnny111971 View Post
I particularly like the suggestion that if it is applied to another target, player getting the snot beat out of them, or freighter in NWS it would reduce their overall threat.
I'm not opposed to this, and I think it would be interesting.

Whether it would actually be necessary having now just brought a spike of +500% threat onto yourself is a different story.