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09-04-2012, 01:22 PM
I (and some of my friends) have bought several ships when they came to c-store a long time ago (for exampe defiant with cloak, intrepid with ablative armor). Then cryptic changes publisher to PWE, and c-store told me, i have to buy them again.
Contacted support (cryptic and pwe) and they told me, no payment info info on file.
Doesn?t matter i have all of these ships in active use with several chars.
Because the payment-databank shows no record, they will not change it for me.

I learned two things about thix:

1. Grab everything as soon as possible with every char you want it to have.
2. Cryptic/PWE is incapable of adding 2 and 2.

If you need help from the support, you?re lost. Even IF you get an answer after weeks of wating.

So i am only purchasing things from c-store with converted dilithium, but will never spend again real money. Sorry cryptic. Your fault.