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09-04-2012, 01:21 PM
On topic, while it's not totally unreasonable that Orions might end up in Starfleet... it's not necessarily a given, either.

If they ever do make Orions available, then they should be free for KDF but pay-to-play for Orion Feds, just like Federation Klingons.

And then use that money to fund the KDF. Just sayin'.

Or, fair's fair, open up some other races for the KDF to play. If Cryptic ever gets around to doing the whole First-Officer-to-Playable-Captain thing, you could recruit a cross-faction BO and then promote them to playable captain.

That would allow Feds to play KDF races and vice-versa, but it wouldn't be easy... T4 in Diplomacy or Marauding would be a necessary prerequisite, meaning a long grind to get to that point.
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