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09-04-2012, 03:39 PM
Originally Posted by hjorlwulf View Post
A siege ship by definition is not supposed to be maneuverable, nor a PvP ship. She is designed to place massive firepower on a fixed position - thus the change from flight mode to siege mode. Think of an STF gateway, a perfect target for this ship. Or have one or more placed such as to cover the exit point of a wormhole. Probe duty is another place they shine.

She is a niche ship, and best used for the purpose she was designed for.
A little bit small thinking huh? "Nor a PvP ship"

Trying to dumb down the meager pvp in this game even further? Respect the people who do want to pvp, we respect you pve'ers as well trying your good effort to try and blow up a gateway! Cuz thats so damn hard hahaha without having a spinal lance or javelin :p