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Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
Escorts are overpowered enough as it is!
I thought the OP was just observing that the most popular ships seem to be cruisers by federation players?

Either way..

My observation has been kinda similar, when it comes to startfleet players I've noticed these

-most are in cruisers
-most dont know how to fly them
-most lose a shield facing in pvp and use science/engineering team as opposed to tactical team
-Most are flown by tactical captains

My guess for all these reasons?

They go tactical because they like the idea of blowing things up, but dont realise they trade survivability. They choose cruisers because they are the ship of the captain/series they like e.g. Exploration cruiser (i mean why else is the like 4re-fits for one flipping vessel.) Soverign (the movies), or they think a cruiser can sufficently tank by spamming engineering and science teams.

As for the oddesy it might be the psychological thing of 'the most expensive thing is the best' and if i get this, i will be better at the game. Which makes me giggle when I'm in a stf (a Science captain in an escort) and I end up being the one supporting cruisers with AuxTSIF, and hazard emitters.

Also to say for cruiser's popularity some cruisers are 'iconic' ships that some people just feel compelled to buy, e.g. excelsior (i myself bought it and barely used it past a week)