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Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
Hang on a sec... just a second... Escorts "Could stand to gain a passive"... No offence meant but WHAT GAME HAVE YOU BEEN PLAYING? Escorts are overpowered enough as it is! My escort does a ridiculous amount of damage to the point of it's boring to play (that and it dies too much) I once did 33,333 damage non crit with a single quantum torp using my escort and you want to give them a passive? You want to give them MORE power? Yes cruisers are the dominant ship but my excelsior that maxes out at 1700 damage per hit with 6 beams and happily solos negh'vars in CSE can't scratch anything in a Fleet action because it's all geared for escorts and you want to make the poor thing MORE useless?

you are right about there being more cruisers in the game and that should be all the more reason for escorts to not be made even more powerful all the new game content is going for escort pilots and DPS yet the NPC damage figures keep going up so we have a problem, escorts can do damage but don't live long enough to do so, cruisers live long enough to not do any damage... and science ships do less than cruisers! So they're completely screwed over...
(PWE Please take notes here!) if this keeps going the way it is the game will become unplayable because no-one will have the lifespan (in case of escorts) or damage (In case of cruisers) or both (in case of science ships) to kill anything.

Rant over...
33k... not bad... But my Odyssey build can take that. Like I said in the third part, Cruisers do a REALLY good job at sucking up damage. I pop Eng Team 3 and Miracle Worker... What damage? A seriously tank-specced cruiser is an unstoppable force. I once tanked a Tactical Cube in Infected Normal for 5 minutes... with its forward side facing me. Torpedoes, cannons, I took everything it had for WELL long enough for the rest of my team to take down the gate (which was my intention - you don't wanna take pod shots at the gate with a Tac Cube trying to snipe you)... and I did this BEFORE I perfected the build. An Elite Tactical Cube... that's another matter, but I still took his fire for a good 90 seconds. Between Reverse Shield Polarity 3, Eng Team 3, Miracle Worker, and my Borg set... I'm a GOOD tank.

If you'd like, I can give you the build. I simulated it on STOAcademy.
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