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09-04-2012, 04:20 PM
"They could also stand to gain a passive.. Maybe, Escorts could get B:Faw, B:O, C:Rapid, and C:Scatter for free, with a special passive for Strafing runs. "

Well... no, as you said they have 7 + or - tactical boff seats, weapon modifying abilities are what these are for...

"But, they're decently well-balanced and good in a select few situations."

That's arguable, science abilities keep getting nerfed or "fixed", science ships are tanks and crowd control (good for pve not pvp), most of abilities have been declawed at one point or another, but yeah in the right hands they can still be used well.

"There could be a few more of them, too."

That's really down to the players, if they want to fly them, they will, if they dont then they dont fly them :p, its not like there is a quota of how many types of ship there must be in game ^^