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The reason for the numerical dominance of cruisers lies probably in the nature of star trek itself.
Star Trek has always been a Cruiser dominated Universe. Before the introduction of the Defiant, "escort" class ships where next to unknown on Starfleet side. Cruisers on the other hand are the much more iconic type of ships in the Star Trek universe.

You know, before the Dominion War, Star Trek was about exploring the universe in ships which where able to do 5 or even 10 year missions. They had to be able to take care of themselves, without relying on other ships backing them up or providing firepower for them. Thats what i essentially expect from a Star trek game, i want to fly big ships that don't need "escorts" to destroy an enemy effectively.

Personally i would have prefered if they never introduced the Defiant in the first place. I think that such a type of ship doesn't belong to Starfleet or the Star Trek universe at all. I find the very idea of small agile glass cannons in Star Trek greatly inappropriate and improper IMO.

In my opinion:
In STO, Cruisers should dominate space battles with their firepower and survivability, while Science ships provide crowd control and other "magic" stuff.
Doing fast dogfights and zipping around just isn't Star Trek for me, if i want to do that i play other games set in other sci fi universes.
In STO Space combat should be more tactical oriented instead of those fast paced dogfights we have in STO.

Live long and prosper.

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