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Originally Posted by elandarksky View Post
The green tribble buff?

That's a Fleet Tribble

Players who tested the tholian content on the Tribble server before it hit holodeck for 1hour + completeled one of the Tholian missions are eligible for the Tribble and a special purple Duty officer.

If you are a tad confused there are at least 2 servers i am aware of

Holodeck (the one you play the game on)
Tribble (the test server, new content is put on here and players can test it, and report bugs/glitches)

The Testing weekend was a while ago.

As for the buff itself, it gives 5% resistances to "hold" "slow" and "disable" also, once per hour it give 1 Fleet mark when stroked.

So its not exactly insanely important, (much better tribbles out there :p)

If you have any questions about tribble this is the FAQ for it
Great answer. So now I want to know what are the GOOD tribbles? I have bred Ricossa tribs for most of my away team. They have a nice balance. Are there some floating around that are better than my CROSSFIRE?