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09-04-2012, 05:23 PM
Ill admit im no tribble expert ^^

However i do know of a few of the special ones

Triolic tribble : Good damage resistance - Feed any tribble a comet cocktail thingy from one of the devidian missions (buy at drozana station after spin the wheel completed)

Gamma Quadrant Tribble : Bonus ground stealth sight, and increase damage vs. cardassians and jemhadar - feed any tribble with ketracil white (the green border one)

Cryo tribble: - Small damage resist and cold resist (can make the difference vs breen!) - Feed a tribble a (deferi snow tuber?)

Some c-store ones are handy too

Tribble of borg/fluidic tribble (grant bonuses vs borg and undine)

And while it sounds odd, even the rank 1 tribbles are kinda handy.. if your a tact/eng and you are damaged after a fight, pet it and you get over half your hp back (when not in combat though)

Reading about the Ricosa question, the only 'better' ones stat wise are tribbles that boost only one of the bonuses (e.g. single boosting for damage or resisance)

Personally i would keep with what you are using, but maybe pick up a few of the unusual ones mentioned before (cryo tribble i'm particularly fond of in colony invasions!)