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09-04-2012, 05:54 PM
My favorite up until now was the Habit Survey. I'm like "cool, I love to eat at the Habit" start it, first question "What is your highest level of education?" I answer graduated college...disqualified.

Also, one complaint I have, some surveys disqualify you after you already answered some questions about the product and how you feel about (how many times you use it and the likes). I would like to cry foul on this, you pass the pre-qualifying questions and then go into the actual product, you start in on the actual survey and then all of a sudden your taken to the "you are disqualified page". Its like they got marketable information out off you, but rather then continuing, they cut you loose before they have to pay you.

Then there are the offers that never end, "Just enter a valid email address" that continue to cycle through offers with now end and no reward (Zen). Better yet, I took the car insurance one, completed it, got a ton of harassing phone calls, but again no Zen. The small ones work, watch a commercial, for like 2-3 Zen, but anything bigger and you are taking a risk of wasting your time.

I also report every single one that doesn't work as advertised, if the option exists, which on some take you to completely other websites with no way to report a scam.
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