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Originally Posted by gradstudent1 View Post

With all of the fury over the leech rumor (still unsubstantiated) we are probably at some sort of breaking point, at least I hope so. Let's see what the next 1-2 week holds.
Why was no such fury over the other console trading that has been going on. On EVERY lockbox so far there's been a chance for Feds to get KDF consoles and for the KDF to get Fed consoles. A big deal was made over it in the past but it still happenned and contimues to happen. Why the renewed fury? Is the leech console really THAT overpowered? Or maybe it only becomes OP when you take into account that its not balanced with someone speccing into it fully in mind... we know devs balance the game around what they perceive as the "average" player, not the extremes PvP can get to.

Take heart KDF PvPers, once the Feds get it I can pretty much guarantee it'll be properly balanced (nerfed) like all the other consoles so that its a cool gimmick but not really all that useful. Maybe they'll give it a short duration with a 3 min CD.....

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