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09-04-2012, 06:22 PM
Originally Posted by hjorlwulf View Post
I am not in any way "dumbing down" any aspect of play in this game. I am merely pointing out the obvious - there are many ways of fighting an enemy, and weapons are designed for a purpose. This ship in particular was NOT designed for what you want her to do - I suggest you use a ship that WAS designed for that - like a Raptor, Kar'fi or other first line warship. I would rather see the ships made the way they are supposed to be (Qin incorrect pivot point) than force ships to do that which they were not designed to do.

Siege ships are designed to conduct sieges - hospital ships to heal - transports to move cargo/troops. Each has a purpose - and that is not necessarily to be in an open battle.
Not to mention that it still has a use in PVP, just not against escorts. I can probably line up in siege mode against a Fed cruiser. If you're fighting escorts, just don't use siege mode, or just use it right at the beginning of the fight, and don't re-enter it until the time's right.

I would like a buff like what's being suggested, but it DOES work the way it is now. You just gotta know when to use it.